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SOUTH AUSTRALIA - Easter Weekend
April 14, 2014

South Australia Games on Easter Friday will not be running. Links Hotel and Stockade Tavern will be back the following week.

THE WHARF TAVERN - Sunshine Coast
April 14, 2014

Every Monday we're giving away $200 Cash plus $75 in Venue Vouchers. Registration from 6pm, 7pm start. Register before 6.30pm and receive $2000 chips Early Bird! To celebrate our bigger prize pool we will be raffling a set of 99.9% pure 24 Carat Gold Playing Cards! Come and enjoy the view over the water as you play Texas Hold'em.

April 7, 2014

Monday Night Poker at Royal Hotel Essendon guaranteed a $1,500 Prize Pool. $1,000 paid out to first place. $20 Entry. Head down for some Texas Hold'em Action and your chance to WIN! Registration from 6pm, Start at 7pm. See you there!

National Leaderboard
Carmelo De Bartolo 31262 pts SA
Ali Akbalik 23231 pts VIC
Cameron Aitken 19983 pts SA
Philip Flanagan 19234 pts QLD
Robert Mackintosh 16403 pts VIC
Mary De Bartolo 16397 pts SA
Judy Stacey 14745 pts QLD
Peter Schievenin 13827 pts SA
John Yacoumis 13740 pts SA
Steven Lawlor 13507 pts QLD
Patrick Martino 12976 pts VIC
Trevor Dean 12514 pts SA
Terry Martin 12329 pts QLD
Megan Rees 12064 pts SA
Jim Nettleton 11857 pts VIC
Perry Langley 11529 pts QLD
George Athanasiadis 11506 pts SA
Grant McKenzie 11218 pts VIC
George Anagnostellis 11094 pts VIC
Cathy Macciavelli 10869 pts SA
Deneil Houpapa 10635 pts VIC
Jack Paerau 10484 pts VIC
Mathew Ognjanov 10340 pts VIC
Stephen Cotton 10323 pts SA
Carol Whearem 10184 pts VIC
George Alessios 10007 pts QLD
Shawn Pinalli 9911 pts QLD
Nixxie Flanagan 9874 pts QLD
David Carlisle 9650 pts VIC
Darren Melia 9611 pts VIC
Jeff Troutt 9571 pts QLD
Shawn Andrews 9468 pts QLD
Denise Charlton 9388 pts QLD
Tom Cammock 9345 pts QLD
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