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National Pub Poker League Points Schedule

Who Gets Points?

Any individual, who plays at a National Pub Poker League (NPPL) sanctioned event, granted that this individual has a registered Player Profile online at and has created a valid Username prior to any NPPL event.


Any individual that has filled out a Player Registration Form and has entered a valid Username prior to the start of any NPPL event.

Tournament Points Pool

For every participating player there will be 50 points put in the player tournament pool. (Example: 100 players; 100 x 50 = 5000 pts. 40%x5000=2000 Points for 1st Place in this example.

Points are distributed as follows for all NPPL sanctioned events:
1st Place = 40% Of the Players Pool
2nd Place = 24% Of the Players Pool
3rd Place = 13% Of the Players Pool
4th Place = 7% Of the Players Pool
5th Place = 5.5% Of the Players Pool
6th Place = 4.5% Of the Players Pool
7th Place = 3.5% Of the Players Pool
8th Place = 2.5% Of the Players Pool

NPPL reserves the right to change the points schedule at any time.

Ranking Points

Players receive points based upon their final rank (1st through 8th Place) and the total number of players in a specific event session determines the final point distribution.

Qualifying criteria for Monthly Cash Finals for Queensland will be as follows:

Gold Coast,Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Cairns, Gladstone and Rockhampton will now be all players who have made a final table during the season.

Brisbane areas - qualifying criteria will be the winner plus runner up at weekly event; plus the top 10 point scorers at the venue who didn't win or finish runner up. Where there is more than one game per week at a venue, the top 20 point scorers will qualify.

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